FIRE in Circulation


How Does it Work?

FIRE Token will burn 10% of transfer value for every transaction you create. Deflating the total supply and increasing scarcity of tokens still in circulating supply!

Safe and Secure Smart Contract

Created on top of Ethereum decentralized Smart Contract network means you can use any wEB3 wallet

Long Term Store of Value

Our token is intented to be used as store of value due to its built-in burn mechanism that ensures your investment will grow in scarcity long-term

Deflationary with Every Tx

With every transaction burning 10% of transfer amount, FIRE Token is just like Bitcoin, a deflationary token and store of value for everyone. Bitcoin is bought through many ways. Check to learn how you can buy Bitcoin using Paypal

How does FIRE Token work?

WALLET A Sends 1,000 FIRE to WALLET B. WALLET B Receives 1,000 - ( 10/100 x 1,000 ) = 900 FIRE and 100 FIRE is destroyed FOREVER


FIRE TOKEN is based on the Ethereum network. The smart contract is verified and audited for security. The contract code is open and available at The contract code can only do those functions that are inherent in it initially; it cannot be changed or deleted. This guarantees absolute transparency and honesty of the project. The creator cannot affect the work of the project in any way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You will lose your funds. Do not use exchanges. First transfer it to an Ethereum wallet. Use only recommended wallets: Metamask / Etherscan on Desktop, or Coinbase, Trust Wallet.

Unlike other ERC20 tokens that have no economic functions that guarantee token scarcity will increase, Fire token implements burn mechanism during transfer of value between users that makes it deflationary and perfect for store of value.

Absolutely, we believe in free and open source software. You can find the full verified contract of FIRE Token on Etherscan

Absolutely! Please contact our team members on Discord if You would like to promote FIRE Token and receive your awards.

Highest burn, fairest airdrops. Transparency. Community, we pride ourselves on a growing use for FIRE.

You can use any ERC20 compatible wallet to store Your FIRE tokens. We recommend Metamask, Mew or TRUST wallets.

Feel free to ask any questions you have on our Discord channel or by joining our Telegram. We do our best to reply to all questions received.

Supported Exchanges

We are proudly partnered with DDEX.

We support many DEXes like Fork Delta, Saturn Dex, Bamboo Relay, Local Koin, Bitcoin up, Token Jar, and more to come.


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